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  • We use home-grown timber not tropical hardwoods or imported softwoods.
  • We help to safeguard the future of ancient woodlands by encouraging their management. Only sustainably produced timber from sites managed under an environmental plan is used.


  • We use renewable materials.
  • We improve financial returns to woodland owners by using "low value" timber in high value products, so providing an incentive to manage their woods.


  • We create simple designs to minimise wastage and reduce energy consumption.
  • We manufacture close to source, keeping transportation to a minimum.
  • We apply traditional, simple manufacturing skills in the development of new products.
  • We buy all our timber and other materials from small, local businesses, thus helping to boost the rural economy.
  • We minimise the use of chemicals, by using naturally durable Oak timber. No preservatives are necessary and only light, natural, organic finishes are applied to interior furniture. Heartwood Oak is classed as "durable" by The Building Research Establishment. This means that a 50mm square section in ground contact will have a life expectancy of 15-25 years. A 100mm square section would have around 30-50 years. A 150mm square section would have around 45-75 years.
  • We use independently certified timber where possible.
  • We respect local distinctiveness, taking inspiration for the design of our outdoor furniture from the unique characteristics of the High Weald landscape.
FSC® certified products on request
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