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Below are some of the pieces that we have designed and made in the past.  
Please contact us with your requirements if you would like a quote for any specific designs.
"Chain Link" Sculpture
A graphic design consultancy came up with the design and asked us to make and install it for them. Made for the Battle of Trafalgar Bicentenary celebrations in 2005 It is to celebrate "the link" between locally grown oak trees and ship building in the Chatham area.





Fishing Platforms.
The Environment Agency and Hastings Borough Council asked us to provide a solution to allow anglers to fish on the very steep banks of a reservoir in Hastings, where conditions were dangerous for fishermen carrying and setting up their equipment. After numerous site meetings and discussions we built and installed four "platforms" along with sets of steps and paths. By retaining the bank at the front, rear and sides using oak we were able to excavate the area and provide a 3.6m square, level area for the fishermen to be able to set up their "bivvys" (tents) on and fish in comfort and safety. Each platform has land-drain installed and is finished using "type 1" gravel and woodchips to keep the area dry.



Each platform and set of steps/paths cost around £3,000 plus VAT

Wheelchair Access Fishing Platforms
Twelve months after completing the platforms above, The Environment Agency asked us to install four platforms and a path/gate at Harmers Pond, Hastings. Again, the bank was muddy and steep which made it dangerous for people to get near the water to fish. We installed the platforms pictured below, along with a 65' long path and gate. The four platforms range between 22'-38' long, they are constructed using oak planks and uprights to retain the bank at the front and rear, the surface is finished with a layer of "type 1". The long, gently sloping path enables wheelchair access to the platforms.




FSC® certified products on request
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