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Below are some of the pieces that we have designed and made in the past.  
Please contact us with your requirements if you would like a quote for any specific designs.
Waymarker posts.
We can produce waymarker posts with any specific logo carved and painted onto them, sizes from 75mm - 150mm square, prices from around £70-£185 plus VAT depending on the size of the post and the specific logo, please contact us for more information.


Bike Posts
Bike posts- £120 plus VAT each, 150mm x 100mm oak, routed bike symbol, holes drilled to lock bikes through. Stainless steel strip set into grooves running down each side to prevent sawing the post through.
We can supply Oak bollards in a range of sizes and styles, please contact us with your requirements. Prices start from £75 plus VAT.
Removable Bollards
Removable, locking  oak bollards at Joydens Wood, for The Woodland Trust, made and installed by High Weald Furniture.
Oak bollards from £135.00 plus VAT. Galvanised steel sockets for removable bollards from £145.00 plus VAT.
Oak Bollards for Mayfield High Street (East Sussex).
We were asked to make 30 oak posts, copying the existing bollard design exactly. The old posts had been in place for many years and were beginning to rot. £90 each + VAT.




We have carved various animal and bird footprints onto the seats of our benches. For this project, the RSPB asked us to carve the footprints of 15 different animals & birds onto oak discs, 50mm thick, along with the name of the animal/bird. These will then be installed in the play area at "Pulborough Brooks Nature Reserve" in West Sussex. The idea is that the children can learn about footprints they may find around the reserve.





FSC® certified products on request
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